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Our IBC tipper automatically tilts your IBC as it empties, increasing pressure at the tap, to maximise output.

This reduces waste, but can also result in a huge saving, especially for expensive liquids.

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Not only can we utilise all of the contents of the IBC, but we also save money in waste disposal.
Peter Brandon
Warehouse Manager, JCW Acoustic Supplies
The castors enable us to move the IBC around the production area without need for a fork lift truck.
Andy Bower
Production Manager, Maker Industrial
We recently purchased two IBC Tippers from you and are happy to say they have been a great success!
Henry Wilson
Vivergo Fuels
You could save£110 per IBC.

An IBC Tipper would pay for itself after around 4 uses.

£110 per IBC.
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    The above estimations are based on the average IBC which retains 5 litres of liquid prior to tipping, placed on a standard steel IBC Tipper unit priced at £436.00. IBC shape can vary and may affect actual saving.

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    Select the cost per litre of the liquid you are dispensing from IBCs to find out how much using an IBC Tipper could potentially save you, and how long it will take for it to pay for itself.


    All our products are manufactured by hand in Haslingden, Lancashire, to the highest standards.

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